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05 October 2009 @ 12:23 am
Welcome & Introductions  
Hey everyone! Welcome to newbarkmelody, where you can talk about how much you like Kotone, post your fics or fanart based on Kotone, or share in everything related to Kotone! I encourage you guys to introduce yourselves and talk about why you like Kotone, or any ships/pairings with Kotone! All pairings are welcome, be it Kotone/Hibiki, Kotone/Ash or Kotone/Rival, or anything you can think up. Gameverse, Animeverse, Mangaverse (If she shows up in the manga), etc.

I'll start~

I'm Kousagi, and I am a Kotone lover. I like Kris a lot too, though. ;) Despite the Mario color scheme, I think Kotone has my favorite design of all the playable girls, and in the anime, her character is adorable, and it's about time we have a female character that isn't all about contests. I like to ship Kotone/Hibiki and Kotone/Silver (Rival), and I can't wait to see her in the anime.

Now that I'm thinking about the anime, I'll go ahead and mention why the community is called "New Bark Melody".

"Kotone" is a Japanese name that means "Harp Sound", and many people are banking on the idea that her US Dub name will be "Melody" to keep with the theme of music. I figure that one; whether her name is "Melody" or not, she is from New Bark, and her name refers to music, so "New Bark Melody" isn't too bad, eh? I would have just gone with Kotonefans, but then we'll have a problem when her Dub name (US, German, Spanish, etc.) turns out to be something other than Kotone, right? ;)

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and let you guys have fun!
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